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Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is an attitude that admits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. It’s this attitude that expects good and positive results.

positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful result of each situation and action. Whatever the mind expects, it finds.

Not everybody accepts or believes in positive thinking. Some consider the subject as just nonsense, and other people scoff at individuals who believe and go for it.

Among the individuals who accept it, not a lot of these individuals recognize how to use it effectively to get results. Nevertheless, it seems that several are becoming attracted to this topic, as evidenced by the many books, lectures and courses about it.

This is a topic that’s gaining popularity. It’s quite common to hear people say: “Think positive!” Thinking positively creates favorable situations in your life.

You just have to put your reservations aside and give it a shot. All you have to gain is a positive mind, situation, and way of thinking!

Strength to Say No

Being assertive has everything to do with the strength to say no. You have to be confident in yourself and be brave. Have the courage to put your feelings first, if the situation constitutes that being the right thing to do.

Start with some confidence building affirmations and progressively you’ll recognize more and more that you’re able to stand up straight and say no.

You have to start liking, have respect for yourself and feel that you’re worthy. The criticisms or rejections that you received from your parents, teachers and those bullies when you were a kid should now be relinquished and dumped.

It was then and this is now.

Change the way you think, see and feel about yourself. Naturally your loyal inner voice will tell you to get real. Take over and tell it to “be quiet” and replace those critics with positive affirmations.

Here are a couple affirmations that you will be able to use.

1. I choose to forgive everybody.

2. I choose to make it easy for me and be self confident.

3. I choose to let go of weight from the past and to be courageous.

4. I choose to feel open to expressing myself and know that others see me that way too.

5. I choose to take pride in myself.

6. I choose to feel desirable.

7. I choose to have high self esteem

8. I choose to adore myself.


There are several priorities in life, and every one holds a different value for each one of us. Some of these priorities may include:
* Marriage
* Career
* Children
* Health/Physical Fitness
* Faith/Spirituality
* Traveling
* Athletics
* Friends/Social Engagements
* Hobbies
* Public service
* Philanthropy

Before you are able to make influential changes in your life, you have to decide what is most significant to you. Determine what you absolutely must have in your life in order to be happy, and what things you are able to do without.

Would you be devastated if you lost your job, or would you be happy and fulfilled with a mediocre job but a strong, loving family life?

If you’re honest with yourself, you should be able to set your priorities reasonably easy. Determine what the single most crucial focus in your life is.

Imagine you could only keep one of your priorities, and determine which one it would be. Once you’ve found out your single most important priority in life, determine your next most significant one. Then find the next and so on.

Find two or three areas of your life that you absolutely must maintain to ensure your happiness, and prioritize them.

Retire Young

Do you often image yourself accomplishing awesome things, and then follow this up with a negative thought process?

Do you talk yourself out of your prosperity or success before you even begin to pursue them?

If so, you need to change the way you think. When you change your thought processes to success thinking you truly can change your life. Positive thoughts enable you to reach out and grasp the prosperity you seek.

There will be days when it is harder to think in a positive and success affirming way; during these times you are able to turn to a useful tool called affirmations.

Affirmations have helped several individuals turn their thinking into positive thinking, propelling them toward their goals, success, and money in a new and exciting way.

Affirmations for success can help you change the way you think of everything. If you are honest with yourself, you may find that much of your inner dialog, how you feel
about yourself, and even the way you carry yourself are negative.

This destructive thinking sets you up to fail or causes you to give up before you ever really get moving.

As with anything new, creating a success mindset will take practice to give you the best results. The good news is: you are able to get all the practice you require with the help of success and money affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that activate your mind to change your life, one thought at a time.

They enable you to accomplish the things you wish to achieve.

Affirmations work because each word we speak has power, the power to evoke emotions. They work because they allow you to program – or reprogram – your thought processes, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

So use them! They will help you in your quest for success and prosperity!

Think & Grow Rich

Attracting money? Like with a magnet?

Yes. We appeal to things to us based on what we believe ourselves to be. If we think that money is evil then we will never have much.

If we think that being successful demands that somebody else be unsuccessful, then we will not be successful.

Build on the positive.

If you tell yourself you’ll have money the universe recognizes that energy and will reward you with positive situations and prosperity.

If you think negatively about your success and wealth the universe also recognizes this energy and you will not see much. Daily affirmations are used to attract more good things.

So you hope to acquire material things in life? Affirmations are usually effective in this respect – maybe even more so than with other desires because material desires often come with stronger emotional attachments.

If your desire is to have an abundance of money to fill your needs, practice this affirmation: “I always have an abundance of money to meet all my needs.”

Overcome Stress

Stress is a terribly unpleasant feeling.

There are many techniques for relieving stress but some of these just treat the symptom.

Creative visualization and affirmations has the advantage not only can it relieve the stress but it can also solve the issue causing the stress.

The success of creative visualization and affirmations has been validated by many scientific studies and it’s even used to help with medical conditions.

To perform creative visualization and affirmations you must first relax your mind and body. Either sit in a straight back chair or lie down. Close your eyes and imagine each muscle of your body relaxing from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. While imagining, take slow, deep, even breaths, inhaling through and out through your nose with your mouth closed.

In order to free yourself from stress you have to learn how to deal with it better. You have to look at the root causes of stress in your life and, while you may not be able to get rid of these, you can alter your attitude towards them.

Affirm the way you think. Change it through affirmations and creative visualization.

Using specific methods you are able to retrain your body and mind to handle both underlying cause and symptoms. Through identifying your Type A behaviors you are able to learn how to manage them.

The result? A longer, happier, healthier life. The kind of serenity that’s priceless.

Strong Body

We know that mind affects body.

Use the affirmations given here during your exercise routine and improve your results dramatically.

It’s no longer a mystery that all top athletes practice affirmations and creative visualization to achieve their potential.

Take a look at some affirmations that you are able to use during physical activity.

Just as sick thoughts result in a sick body, so do healthy thoughts result in a healthy body. If you’re going to take part in a marathon, then thoughts like “Oh my, what a great distance!” are absolutely not going
to help.

Center on thoughts like:
1. “I can do it.”
2. “Every passing second, the distance is becoming smaller and smaller.”
3. “My stamina increases with every step I take”

If you’re into body building, then it helps to concentrate on one body part as you exercise it. The affirmations given below will make my
point clear.
1. “Each day my biceps are growing”
2. “With every crunch (or sit up or whichever exercise that you’re doing) my abs are getting sharper”
3. “With each press my shoulders are getting more muscular.”
4. “Day-to-day in every way my body is becoming more muscular.”

You will be able to devise your own affirmations on similar lines for specific body parts.

Bring the Best Out

You are able to get to see the lovely side of individuals if you treat them well, listen to them, understand them and be generous.

Avoid giving mixed signals to people, be dependable and never abuse trust.

People love being accepted for who they are rather than being criticized and turned into something else just to suit you.

People have a beautiful side and a not so beautiful side to them. That’s why you can find somebody so attractive one day and want to run away from them the next day.

You are able to bring out the best in your partner, friend, business associate or even strangers by following the following tips.

The three best things you can do to bring the best out of people:

1) Be genuinely interested in people: If somebody senses that you’re genuinely interested in them without any ulterior motives, they’re more likely to show you their best side.

2) Expect the most from people: Whatever you expect from people becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you truly expect someone to treat you right, that’s what you’ll get.

3) Realize individuals have different needs: Keep away from stereotypes. People are unique and you should seek to understand them with all their uniqueness.

4) Be positive: stop whining and crying over everything. Be full of positive energy and give hope rather than being a prophet of gloom.

5) It takes more muscles to smile than to frown. Be a joyful soul and you’ll make people be at ease. If you have a good sense of humor, use it. Don’t laugh at people, instead laugh with them.

What’s Important

Occasionally it is important to sit back and think about one’s life. It is times like this that you really should value what you have and what you should be thankful for.

Everyone has ups and downs, good days and bad days and sometimes what may seem to be a colossal problem one day can be laughed at the next.

Constantly believe that however bad you may have it, there is someone out there who has a tougher life or more difficult day than you did, and if you can’t appreciate this fact, then you are in for a lot of unhappy days!

Naturally it does not mean you will be able to always be happy and smiling, that would be well, not human, but hey, there is a lot of living to be done yet!

Discover what’s important in life!

Grab what’s important in life!

Don’t make any more complaints or excuses!

Finding out what’s important in life is crucial to your overall happiness.


The spiritual truth behind this is that as spiritual beings, we are in a constant state of serenity.

Having the human experience can sometimes cloud this truth when we get caught up in emotional or mental conflicts.

When we remember that those conflicts have no place in our being we are restored to our natural state. Zen.

Creative visualization and affirmations can help you through human conflict, and return you to your natural state.

This truth also applies to those around us.

We can know this truth for them as well. It may require some denial of the obvious chaos that we’re viewing in order to accomplish this. Denial is the act of knowing that anything less than perfection is false.

It requires a certain objectivity to your environment, and deciding simply that all this chaos just isn’t necessary.

Denial is a handy trick to have at your disposal and since we’re talking about affirmation “band-aids” I think it’s appropriate.

Knowing the spiritual truth of any situation can bring us greater peace for ourselves and our loved ones.

Just know that the truth is peace, better known as Zen.

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